Splitting the waters

At the beginning of Exodus, according to some commentaries, Moses fears that the Israelites would intially believe in his mission but would despair when Pharaoh hardened his heart and their situation was unaffected.  Of course, this is precisely what happened, but God proceeded to liberate the Israelites despite their faltering faith.

However, as soon as they were freed, they were immediately expected to act on the conviction that justice would triumph.  Various commentaries narrate that the Red Sea was not split until one or more individuals were willing to walk into the water until it reached their necks or noses.

I am reminded of this need to act with fortitude as I see American progessives beginning to wonder if change is possible.  Many Americans worked hard to elect President Obama in 2008, but then expected that the rest of the burden would be borne by others.  We need to remind ourselves that restoring a sense of mutual responsibility in America, and  the willingness to guarantee basic needs and invest in the future, will require all of our efforts for a long time to come.


2 Responses to “Splitting the waters”

  1. Rabba bar bar Chana Says:

    Hi Chovevamim,

    In the spirit of Nachshon ben Aminadav, alluded to in your post, I’ll leave the first comment.

    Welcome to the jblogosphere & good luck with the blog! May the initial idealism expressed withstand the often tumultuous discourse on blogs today.

  2. chovevamim Says:

    Thanks. I’d just like to add my support to your blog post that we must add our prayers and our tangible support to the Haiti relief effort.

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