In support of marriage equality

25 Iyar 5772/May 17, 2012

Reposting: I just signed a Facebook petition disagreeing with the OU and NCYI statements concerning President Obama’s position.  I added this explanation:

Within a moral code that can be discussed between different moral and religious philosophies, empathy, and the ability to ask how I would feel in someone else’s place, is a valid source of moral reasoning.   I know the importance of love in a person’s life, and I won’t tell another person to give up the chance to find love because of my beliefs.  Also, while it is important to safeguard the religious beliefs of organized religions, many people are firmly convinced that they were meant to be who they were and love the person they do.  This is also a faith conviction that merits protection in a free society.


One Response to “In support of marriage equality”

  1. Riva Says:

    Thanks for posting this! Here is a link to the actual petition:

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