Are Adam and Eve Modern Orthodox Role Models?


by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper

A healthy religious culture teaches its foundational stories to its children with confidence and without embarrassment.  This is a problem for Modern Orthodoxy, which has discomfort teaching the story of Creation.  The most immediate and important reason for this is gender.  We do not have a shared communal interpretation of the story that squares with how we want our boys and girls to think of themselves, to relate to each other, and to grow up as men and women.  

To put this in perspective, think for a moment about the first Rashi on Chumash.  He explains that the Torah tells us that G-d created the world in order to secure our right to Eretz Yisroel.  For all the moral challenges of Israeli-Palestinian relationships, this remains a powerful and important touchstone for Religious Zionism – G-d gave us this land, and He had a right to…

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