New perspectives for a new year

In the Jewish calendar, the holidays of repentance and renewal are just past, and the time has arrived to face the challenge of making the future better than the past.  

The Torah reading this coming Shabbat begins with the command to Avraham/Abraham to embark upon an intellectual and spiritual journey that would forever transform humanity’s relationship with the Divine.  Its end presages the birth of Yitzchak/Isaac, whose name evokes the achievement of new hope that had seemed impossible.

It is fitting, therefore, to begin this blog in the week that includes the anniversary of the passing of my father 2 years ago.  His name was Avraham and the most valuable lesson I learned from him was that there was no substitute for thinking for myself.  This week also includes the anniversary of the loss of Yitzchak Rabin in the cause of peace and hope.

In this blog, I hope to discuss how to promote a religious vision based in the belief in a Creator whose love is expressed by commandment and in the conviction that what unites humanity must be more important than what divides us.  Thus, the title of this blog translates as “He cherishes the nations”.

I hope to hold this discussion with like-minded people of all religious backgrounds, and with those who disagree with all or part of my approach, so that we can refine each other’s thinking.

I look forward to beginning this path.


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